The Green Life. This year, in addition to concentrating on running great river trips on the Forks, Upper, and Lower Kern, Kern River Outfitters is paying special attention to the environment and what we can do to improve it. We figure it is high time for all of us to help Mother Nature out a bit. so, for all of our guests this year, we have reserved a complementary green tote that we hope will remind you of all the little things you can do to help the environment as well. In addition to being a great place to store your wet clothes and goodies when rafting, we hope these totes will allow you to use fewer disposable bags when shopping and always be a reminder not only of a fabulous rafting trip, but of our collective responsibility to this wonderful place we call Earth. Kern River Rafting has never been more fun, and together, we can have a blast running the river and doing our part to care for the Earth.