On August 29th, long time Middle Fork and Kern River guide Scooter Carling and a group of his fellow Kern guides launched a 100 mile odyssey on Idaho’s Middle Fork of the Salmon River. After a great season escorting thousands of our guests through the Kern’s whitewater maze, everyone decided they needed some well deserved R and R. Is there a better way for a guide to relax than to explore yet another exceptional whitewater paradise?

Following Scooter’s lead, trip participants included: Chris Brown, Chandra Anderson, Jason Schneider, Justine Stewart, Ryan Guy, Chase McGregor, Rabbit, Chuck Richards, Mike Spradlin, Tom Peltier, Darby Vreven and, of course, Betty Bigwater.

During their week-long trip, they relaxed at six camps including: Sheepeater, Little Soldier, Shelf, Funston, Wilson Creek and Cradle Creek. The guides soothed their weary bones in several natural hot springs, enjoyed the world class trout fishery and even got a glimpse of a bear with her two cubs. Numerous sightings of river otters and bighorn sheep along the river and several ospreys hunting from above were also enjoyed by all.

At the conclusion of the trip, the crew stopped in Salmon, Idaho and were treated to a wonderful dinner complements of Bob, Mary, and their sister crew at Idaho River Journeys’ Center of Operations. Although they missed the feast in Salmon, Jason and Justine were lucky enough to “Turn the Corner” and continue on to run the Main Salmon.

An outstanding and totally rejuvenating time was had by all!

For more information on river trips on the Main and Middle Fork of the Salmon in Idaho, check out Idaho River Journeys’ informative website or feel free to give Bob or Mary a call @ 1-888-997-8399.

Here are some cool photos Mike Spradlin and Scooter shared of their adventure:

The Intrepid Boaters

The Ramp at Put-In

Shadows on the Wall



Perfect Day for Fishing

Veil Falls

Another Beautiful Day

Headin’ Downstream


Chandra Consulting the River Map

Osprey Scanning the River

Scooter Scanning the Camera

Couple o’ Baby Bears

Splashyak Paradise

Darby and Solar


Loon Creek Hot Springs

The Crew at the IRJ Center of Operations