The Fifty First Annual Whiskey Flat Celebration on the Kern River

The Fifty First Annual Whiskey Flat Celebration on the Kern River

This past weekend the Kern River Valley celebrated the fifty first anniversary of Whiskey Flat Days. Friday, February thirteenth, presented a less than ideal weather scenario with a veritable blizzard descending on the Kern River Valley. By noon, the snow was accumulating rapidly throughout the entire region. The following Saturday morning however, the sun rescued the event from the frigid grasp of the hovering winter storm and the scenery was spectacular.

A parade of participants in period costumes filled the streets of Kernville. Gunslingers, stagecoaches, and mountain men brought the old west to life complete with staged shoot-outs and an old fashioned western jail set up to house the bad guys.

If you have ever wondered whether there are fun things to do in the Kern River Valley in the whitewater rafting off-season, this annual event surely answers that question. Here at Kern River Outfitters, we think the Kern River offers the best California rafting available. We are grateful Mother Nature provided a brief respite from the latest winter storm for the event, but we are ecstatic that she is busy laying the base for yet another wonderful summer filled with endless Kern River rafting opportunities.

Here are a few photos of the fun event complete with our Kern Rafting Center bracing for the onslaught of snow this past Friday morning.

The Rafting Center Bracing for the Storm
Friday Morning

Whiskey Flat Days Banner Proudly Flying Over the Event

The Stagecoach is On Time

Mountain Guys Looking for Easy Game

Smokey Bear Keeping an Eye on Things

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Matt Volpert is the outfitter and owner of Kern River Outfitters. His first rafting trip was a multi-day down the Rogue River when he was six months old. He's currently based in Southern California.