The math adds up – Lake Isabella draw down to provide amazing whitewater this season.

We noticed that the Lower Kern outflow bumped up to 1,800 CFS (cubic feet per second) a few days ago. There had been talk that the Army Corps of Engineers would need to bring the lake down to 72,000 acre-feet as they work on our dam project. This flow increase matches the 72,000 acre-feet storage goal. This means that the Lower Kern is going to have fantastic whitewater this summer. Just to be sure, we emailed and called the Army Corps and they confirmed. “…we expect to begin work on the Borel easement this fall/winter. In order to have the lake at acceptable levels for that work, and to make best use of the water that is released between now and then, we need to begin that draw-down process now…”

This photo was taken last Saturday on our Lower Kern. The water is up and the whitewater is amazing.

The Army Corps did mention one catch: If negotiations stall in red-tape then they will cease the draw down to 72,000 acre-feet and will resume normal outflow. However, they made it clear that they fully expect this to push through in time for construction to begin this fall and winter.

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