Since we wrote this post we’ve launched our own Kern River hiking page.

Not only does Kernville offer world-class whitewater rafting, it offers amazing hiking too.

Whiskey Flats


Water features

Kid friendly

This is a friendly trail that welcomes all levels of hikers. The trail is located in Kernville at the end of Burlando Rd. The road comes to a dead end, and where the trail starts. From the trail head you walk about half a mile to a water crossing, then at the water if it is low enough you can walk across the creek. It is not cross-able at high flows. This is a nice place to sit by the water. From here you can continue up the trail 14 miles along the Kern River ending at McNally’s Burger Stand. 

Cannell Meadow Trail-

Moderate trail

Great views

Easy escape from town

Dog friendly

This trail is located just north of Kernville. From the town of Kernville head north on Sierra Way for approximately 1.6 miles, there is a dirt turn out on the right side of the road after Owen’s Boy Camp. This trail is an out and back trail. In the Springtime this is a great place to see wildflowers. Cannell trail starts next to Owens boys camp and finishes at Sherman Pass Vista. Cannell trial is free of charge and welcomes dogs.

Trail head at Cannell Trail

Trail head at Cannell Trail

We are doing a three part blog on hiking trails in the area so stay tuned for our next post about other hiking trails in the area!