Smartphones on our rafting trips

Updated 3/31/22

Smartphones are becoming more and more common to take on our rafting trips for photos, videos, and mapping. We do not prohibit them, but we do have suggestions to help ensure the safety of the trip and that your smartphone does not get lost or damaged.

Smartphone guidelines & suggestions

  1. Pre-trip: Download the guidebook. This can be downloaded here and is especially popular before the trip to see what rapids await. These work offline, so even on our wilderness trips, you’ll have a functioning, live tracking map with you. Click to download.
  2. During the trip: Smartphone use is up to your guide and Trip Leader. There will be instances where they ask you to put them away. These circumstances are entirely up to your guide and should be followed.
  3. During the trip: Waterproof cases should not have a neck strap. Most of these phone cases have a neckstrap that can easily be removed. The ones we sell in our Rafting Center are neck strap free.
  4. After the trip: Share your photos with us! Use our hashtag #goKRO on social media or email us your content and we’ll share your content on our social media channels and give you a KRO sticker.

If you have any questions or comments regarding smartphones, feel free to contact us.