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Photos of Your Rafting Trip

On most of our rafting trips, we have a photographer capturing photos of your raft. These are then available for purchase at the conclusion of your river trip in our Rafting Center, or once uploaded, online. Photos are sold by the raft, giving you every photo that we took, at the highest resolution. Additionally, photos are sold at a slight discount if bought in-store at our Rafting Center. We do not delete photos, and they are available to view or purchase online, at anytime.

Find Your Photos

How to find your trip photos

  1. Visit this link, or click the button above to open up our trip photos website.
  2. Using the date finder, select your rafting trips launch date.
  3. Photo albums are sorted by guide name. Find your guide and click ‘View Album’ and that will bring up all the photos of your raft.

If you have any trouble at all finding your photos, feel free to call our office and we’ll help you locate them. 1-760-376-3370