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Charter church groups on the Kern River

Rafting trips are a natural team-oriented activity. Our company takes many church groups every summer and have found that rafting trips build community, strengthen relationships and friendships within the church, and most importantly, are FUN!

2023 Kern River Rafting

Rafting trips provide a great setting for building community with your church

Church Group FAQs

Depending on the trip type, we can take up to 30 or 35 people per trip. If you have more than that then we can split your group into different trips. We have worked with church groups larger than 50 people and fewer than 10 and can customize a trip to fit any church group size.

A charter trip is booking every available space so the entire trip is only your school group. A private raft is booking every seat on a raft but joining a regular, commercial rafting trip.

Yes, we offer group discounts. Click here to view them.

Yes. With adequate advance notice, we can accommodate reasonable diet requests. Kosher requests are possible, but only on charter trips.

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