Frequently Asked Questions

Depending on group size and which rafts we use, we fit between 4 and 6 guests in each paddle raft. As often as we can, we try to keep groups together in the same raft too. Oar boats, used exclusively on the Forks of the Kern, may have two guests per boat.

Yes. With adequate advance notice, we can accommodate reasonable diet requests. These can be made when you complete your online waiver.

Rafts are organized by group. Seldomly do we split groups, and in that event, it would be due to safety. Small groups, such as a two-some, are paired up with other small groups to fill a raft.

Each raft on every trip that we run has a guide. We do not offer any self-guided trips.

Each trip meets and ends at our Rafting Center, which is located at 6602 Wofford Blvd, Wofford Heights, CA 93285.

Our trips are limited in size, and in number of launches per day. Because of this, we highly encourage you to make reservations early. Weekends and holidays tend to sell out sooner than midweek. The easiest way to check availability is to start a reservation online. You can also call our office as well.

Out of fairness to others, we do not offer holds. Availability is first come, first served.

During normal water levels, minimum ages follow the table below. During periods of high water flows and when we impose our Big Water Protocol, we increase the minimum age of our trips that accommodate 12 year olds to 16 years old.

Trip Type Minimum Age
Kernville Rapid Run, Half Day Lower Kern, Class III One Day Lower Kern 8 years old
One Day Upper Kern, Half Day Upper Kern, Class IV Half Day Lower Kern, Big Five One Day Lower Kern, Two Day Lower Kern 12 years old
Thunder Run, Forks of the Kern 16 years old

Yes, we have information for both lodging and camping. Click here to view our Lodging Guide. Click here to view our Camping Guide.

We recommend you supplement personal insurance with travel insurance. Cancellation initiated by you may result in substantial loss of fees paid. Available insurance protects against the loss of deposits/full fare in the event you must cancel because of unforeseen circumstances. If you don’t have a preferred travel insurance company, some options are BHTP and Travel Guard.

Upper Kern trips are capped at 30 people. Lower Kern is capped at 35 people. The Forks of the Kern is capped at 15 people.

Our camp is located alongside the river and is private. Meaning only those that are on your trip and the guides have access to it. Scattered up and downstream we have wooden platform decks for sleeping. We provide each guest with a “paco pad” which is a thick sleeping pad to use on top of the decks. Most guests sleep out, underneath the stars as we don’t typically experience any weather during the rafting season. You’re more than welcome to bring your own tent if you would prefer. We raft right up to the camp on day one, and on day two, load directly back onto the rafts and push off, so there are no additional shuttles involved between rafting and camping.

Wetsuit considerations are dependent on water temperature and the forecast for that day. If we require wetsuits, we do not charge for them. Generally speaking, early season trips on the Upper Kern require wetsuits. Generally speaking, trips on the Lower Kern do not require wetsuits.

Waivers are linked in the reservation confirmation email. If you are having trouble locating it, please call us and we will resend it.

Motion sickness is an extremely uncommon occurrence with rafting.