Discounts and Groups

Discount Type Eligible Trips Requirements Discount Amount
Youth discount All trips. Everyday of the week. 16 years and younger $20 off Two Day, $10 off One Day, $5 off Half Day
Group discount All trips excluding the Forks of the Kern and the Kernville Rapid Run. Sun – Fri only. 10 or more people, Sunday – Friday. 10%

Discounts and Groups

Youth Discount

Requirements: 16 years and younger

Day of the week: Everyday

Discount amount: $20 off Two Day. $10 off One Day. $5 off Half Day.

Group Discount

Eligible trips: All trips, excluding the Forks of the Kern and Kernville Rapid Run

Requirements: 10 or more people launching Sun – Fri

Day of the week: Sunday – Friday

Discount amount: 10%