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The Guides of Kern River Outfitters

Our guides are our greatest asset. They make your trip fun, safe and memorable. We put a lot of thought into hiring and training and we’re proud of what each individual brings to Kern River Outfitters.

Dillon Cole

Billy Miller

Andrew Schwartz

Byron Roos-Collins

Chey Daleiden
Mitch Solkov
Mitch SolkovSanta Rosa, CA
UC Santa Barbara
Blair Meyer
Blair MeyerAuburn, CA
UC Santa Barbara
Milly Chi
Milly ChiFullerton, CA
UC Santa Barbara
Patrick O'Connell
Patrick O'ConnellDubuque, Iowa
University of Iowa
Sydney Lezberg
Sydney LezbergSan Pedro, CA
UC Santa Barbara
Tom Horn
Tom HornKernville, CA
10+ years guiding
Montana Dave
Montana DaveMissoula, MT
University of Montana
Bianca Hernandez
Bianca HernandezOrange, CA
UC Davis
Jazzy Boling
Jazzy BolingGatlinburg, TN
University of Tennessee
Jessica Boling
Jessica BolingGatlinburg, TN
Tennessee School of Beauty
Matt Daly
Matt DalySanta Rosa, CA
UC Santa Barbara
Leslie Nuckoles
Leslie NuckolesWhite Salmon, WA
Southern Oregon University
Franz Ellers
Franz EllersNew Orleans, LA
Brooks Institute
Micah Collins
Micah CollinsSan Diego, CA
University of Massachusetts
Charles Slosberg
Charles SlosbergOjai, CA
20+ years guiding
Miles Coles Curtis
Miles Coles CurtisFlagstaff, AZ
Cal Poly
Ry Grivetti
Ry GrivettiSanta Barbara, CA
10+ years guiding
Goatdog Moody
Goatdog MoodyBoise, ID
Northern Arizona University
Garrett Kababik
Garrett KababikSanta Barbara, CA
UC Santa Barbara
Ed Jackson
Ed JacksonLos Angeles, CA
Evan Calbi
Evan CalbiLos Angeles, CA
Augie Houlemard
Augie HoulemardSebastopol, CA
UC Santa Barbara
Danniel Connell
Danniel ConnellLos Angeles, CA
UC Santa Barbara


Matt Adkisson
Matt AdkissonWimberly, TX
Chenoa Rochele Spangler
Chenoa Rochele SpanglerSevierville, TN
Kelley App
Kelley AppLittleton, CO
Adam Bernberg
Adam BernbergFord Ranger, Isla Vista
Robert Reed
Robert ReedSquirrel Valley, CA
Gary Lucas
Gary LucasBodfish, CA
Grace Overholt
Grace OverholtLake Isabella, CA
Ethan Schwartz
Ethan SchwartzSan Anselmo