When choosing a rafting company, guides are your most important consideration.

You’re with your guide for the majority of the day. They should be fun, interesting and a pleasure to be around. A role model for your children. And most importantly, they should be safety oriented. We adjusted how we hire and train in January 2017 and it shows.


Hold a degree or are currently enrolled in college

Kern River Outfitters’ guides are well educated. 91% of our full-time guides either have a bachelors degree or are currently enrolled in a university or college. Trust us, you’ll love the other 9% as well.

Kern River Outfitters’ guides are well traveled. All have been out of the country, and over 75% have traveled to six or more countries. 85% have been out of the country in the last year.

Kern River Outfitters’ guides are adventurers and self-starters. Currently, two are riding bicycles across Africa. Mitch has recorded an album in Nashville. Ethan is in Peru guiding. Matt Adkisson is getting his EMT license. Andrew learned how to code in Python and is now backcountry skiing. And that’s just the short list.

Kern River Outfitters’ guides are well trained. Everyone has first aid and CPR. 80% are Swift Water Rescue certified from Sierra Rescue, the only program that is internationally recognized. 40% are Wilderness First Responders or higher. One is in medical school but that doesn’t mean much yet.

And then there’s everything else too.

We don’t ding you on rental fees for wetsuits, splash jackets, or GoPro helmets. Free of charge if you want them or if they’re required.

We have the most lenient cancellation policy in Southern California for a permitted USFS outfitter. Life happens, we get that.

We offer the easiest online reservation system of any outfitter in Southern California. Complete a booking in less than a minute.

We are the only rafting outfitter on the Kern using online waivers. No need to print out a PDF and bring it with you. Complete your waiver from a phone, iPad or computer and submit. It’s easy.

We put a lot of thought into our menu. Fresh food for deli style lunches on our day trips. Outstanding dinner and breakfast menu for our Two Day Lower Kern outings.

We want pictures of everyone. We try our best to shoot photos of every group. Last year we hit 99% of all groups.

More on photos: We are one of the only outfitters to deliver photos online. No annoying CDs, no easy to lose USB thumb drives.

We have the best Lower Kern camp location. It’s the deepest in the canyon meaning our day 1 and day 2 are evenly divided. The first day isn’t awkwardly short and the second day isn’t exhaustingly long.

Trusted locally and nationally

The press loves our trips and trusts our opinion on snowpack, water outlook and all other things whitewater.


Organizations that align with our values and that we’re proud to be a part of.