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The Big Five is named after the five rapids towards the bottom canyon of the Lower Kern: Surprise, Horseshoe, Hari Kari, ERB and Pinball. This half day starts just above Surprise Rapid and covers the four miles all the way to Democrat takeout.

IMPORTANT: Make sure you read our minimum flow information section, which is located below the Trip Itinerary on this page.

Trip Itinerary

Arrive at our Rafting Center in Wofford Heights at 8:30AM or if you’re on the afternoon trip, 1:30PM. Check-in with our Rafting Center staff and meet the guides. They will assist you with any questions you may have. Once everyone from the trip has arrived and has checked-in, your Lead Guide will begin the orientation talk with what to expect for the afternoon, as well as hand out and fit helmets and lifejackets. Once suited up, you’ll load onto our shuttle bus and we’ll drive you to the put-in.

At put-in, the guides will work on rigging the rafts while the Lead Guide will give the Safety Talk to the trip. Once finished, the Lead Guide will organize the different groups into rafts and you’ll meet your guide. To teach everyone how to paddle together as a team, your guide will give a Paddle Talk. Immediately following the Paddle Talk, the trip launches and is officially underway.

The Half Day Lower Kern trip runs from the Delonegha Bridge put-in to Democrat Takeout. The start of the trip begins with Class II water to allow the guides to train everyone on paddling together. The first rapid is Surprise Rapid, which is just five minutes downstream from put-in. From here you’ll see first hand why the Lower Kern Big Five section is described as pool-drop as you go from rapid to pool, back to rapid again.


With the ongoing California drought, it’s important to understand our minimum flow range to run this trip. We are projecting low flows throughout the summer and these low flows are close to our minimum flow cut-off for this outing. Our minimum trip flow is 650 CFS (Cubic Feet per Second). We are projecting water flows of 700 CFS for the month of June and July. This means that there is a possibility that some trips will receive little to no notice if they adjust Lower Kern flows below our minimum threshold. If this is to occur, these trips and future trips will be moved to our milder half day Lower Kern section, which has a minimum flow threshold of 400 CFS. Please keep in mind, that we have no control over water flows and receive release forecasts that are at best, sometimes accurate.

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Top Five FAQs Related to this Trip

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How many people are in each raft?

We can fit 4 – 6 (plus a guide) in each raft.

What’s the minimum age for this trip?

This trip has a minimum age of 12 years old.

Does this trip have a jump rock?

Yes, this trip features a jump rock right after Horse Shoe Rapid.

Which section of the Lower Kern is this trip?

This is located on the Big Five section of the Lower Kern starting at Delonegha Bridge.

My friends booked this trip. How do I join their party?

Once you’ve made your reservation, please call us and we will link your reservation to the other party.