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Our Two-Day Lower Kern rafting trips cover about 20 miles of fun whitewater, and feature exciting Class II, III and IV rapids. With the terrific weather, exhilarating rapids, and the Kern being the closest rafting to Los Angeles, Santa Barbara, and San Diego, our two day Lower Kern river trip is considered the best overnight rafting trip in all of Southern California.

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Quick Facts

Trip Meeting Place: 6602 Wofford Blvd, Wofford Heights, CA 93285.

Trip meeting time: 9:30AM

Minimum Age: 16 years old

Trip Cost

Sunday – Friday launch: $419
Saturday launch: $489

Does not include 6% government and service fee

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At a Glance

Approximately 20 miles of rafting, split into two full days of Class II, III & IV rapids.

Meals included are day 1 lunch, day 1 dinner, day 2 breakfast, and day 2 lunch.

Participants should be in good physical condition for this high water adventure

2023 Kern River Rafting

Two Days on the Lower Kern River: The highlight of your summer.

River Rafting Itinerary

On day one we meet at 9:30AM at our Rafting Center. The day consists of progressive whitewater, meaning the rapids get more and more challenging as you travel downstream. After lunch, we tackle back-to-back rapids before arriving at our riverside camp, where we spend the night. Day two we’re on the water by 9:30AM. After a short portage around a Class VI rapid, we have a mix of exciting Class III and IV rapids. We’ll do an hour stop for lunch before getting into the Big Five section of the Lower Kern, which ends the trip with terrific rapids. We then drive back to our Rafting Center, concluding the trip, and arriving between 3-5PM.

Two Day Lower Kern FAQs

With the historic rainfall we have experienced in California this season, we are implementing our Big Water Protocol, which is designed to help us prioritize safety when we experience periods of exceptionally high water. The Lower Kern projections are showing record flows from May through mid-July. Participants on these trips during these high water periods should be in excellent physical condition. If participants are not in excellent physical condition, then they should book a trip at a later date. Additionally, if flows get too high, we may cancel your rafting trip or run a modified trip, shortening your two-day. In these events, a full or partial refund will be issued. If you wish to avoid these periods of exceptionally high water, then we suggest booking later in the season.

May through mid-July: High chance of exceptionally high water.
Mid-July through late July: Medium chance of exceptionally high water.
August:  Low chance of exceptionally high water.

Is your party size fewer than 4? Please call us and we will assist you with your reservation: 760-376-3370. Or send a message with your preferred date and group size.

Our camp is located alongside the river and is private. Meaning only those that are on your trip and the guides have access to it. Scattered up and downstream we have wooden platform decks for sleeping. We provide each guest with a “paco pad” which is a thick sleeping pad to use on top of the decks. Most guests sleep out, underneath the stars as we don’t typically experience any weather during the rafting season. You’re more than welcome to bring your own tent if you would prefer. We raft right up to the camp on day one, and on day two, load directly back onto the rafts and push off, so there are no additional shuttles involved between rafting and camping.

Depending on group size and which rafts we use, we fit between 4 and 6 guests in each paddle raft. As often as we can, we try to keep groups together in the same raft too.

During our Big Water Protocol, the minimum age is 16 years old. This minimum age policy is firm.

Yes. With adequate advance notice, we can accommodate reasonable diet requests.

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