What to Pack

Your packing list for your whitewater rafting trip

2023 Pack list

Let’s get ready for your Kern River rafting trip

Before you start packing, please complete the waiver. A link to our online waiver is included in the booking confirmation email. If you are the group organizer, please forward this link to all members of your party. The waiver only takes a minute to complete and can be done from a phone, tablet, or computer. We recommend that you complete your waiver prior to your trip meeting time as we do not delay a trip’s launch.

Packing List – items you should bring

Below is what we consider our bare minimum packing list for a comfortable rafting experience.

Swimsuit or board shorts

Clothing that can get wet.


Available at our Rafting Center.


Strap for your sunglasses. Available at our Rafting Center.

Water bottle

Available at our Rafting Center.

Sunblock & chapstick

Available at our Rafting Center.

Appropriate footwear

Anything that won’t fall off your feet such as Chacos, Tevas, tennis shoes, etc. Crocs, flip-flops, or going barefoot is not allowed on our trips. We have bootie shoes available for rent if needed.

Packing List – nice to have items

Below is what we consider items that are nice to have but not required.

Sun Shirt

Available at our Rafting Center.

Cliff Bar

Or other small, packable snacks. These are available at our Rafting Center.


Leave this in your car to dry off with after the trip.

Packing List – Two Day Lower Kern

In addition to the two packing lists above, if you are on our Two Day Lower Kern overnight rafting trip, then you should bring the following.

Sleeping Bag

The temperatures are usually hot, so nothing fancy is needed.

Change of clothes

Comfortable camp clothing for after rafting. A sweatshirt or hoodie is a good idea too.


Flashlight, headlamp, or iPhone light for getting around our camp at night.


Available at our Rafting Center.

Optional: Tent

Most guests prefer to sleep out, but if you want more privacy, then a tent is a good idea.

Optional: Camp beverages

You’re welcome to bring your favorite drinks to enjoy at our camp. We sell our local, award-winning Kern River Brewing Company beer at our Rafting Center.