Big Water Protocol: What that means, and how KRO handles high water

Many of you have called in the past week regarding our plans for the higher flows on the Kern River. Since our opening day on April 1, we’ve had our Big Water Protocol in place, which is the following:

  1. Raising the minimum age on all rafting trips.
  2. Adjusting where our trips put in and take out based on water levels.
  3. Having a higher guide to guest ratio.

Since 1980 we’ve implemented these three criteria during big water seasons and we’ve found them to be highly effective in running a fun and safe rafting trip. Big water is nothing new to our company – we’ve seen it in the past and have always adjusted our operations to appropriately match it’s fun and exciting challenges. Reviewing these processes is something we do at the end of each and every trip, in what we call our Trip Debrief. In this huddle we spend 15 minutes to over an hour discussing what we can do to improve your experience, from a safety, and quality of trip standpoint. We take these discussions seriously, and I consider them one of the greatest aspects that makes KRO different than other rafting companies found on the west coast.

We at Kern River Outfitters take great pride in our ability to run fun, safe rafting trips. Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to seeing you.

Matt Volpert

Owner / Outfitter

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