Please note: This post was written by Luther Stephens and was imported from our former blog platform. It has been kept for archival purposes.

Yesterday our crew packed into the Forks of the Kern in preparation for our Forks training trip. We’re launching this morning and will be taking out tomorrow afternoon. Things are looking great for the trip: beautiful weather and great water flows.

Gary (many refer to him simply as “Starter”) drove some of the crew up and was able to snap some photos from the pack station. The Forks is one of the most isolated multi-day trips in the United States and mules are necessary to carry all of our heavy equipment down to the river. It’s one of the few rafting trips on earth where the task of getting to the river is an adventure in itself.

We still have spaces available on many of our Forks trips for 2010. With a good snow pack, our Forks of the Kern rafting season will extend into late July. Give us a call today to begin planning your trip

Here are some shots Gary was able to get yesterday:

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