Please note: This post was written by Luther Stephens and was imported from our former blog platform. It has been kept for archival purposes.

The Thunder Run is an exceptional Class Five 0ne-day trip on the Upper Kern. We ran one today and yesterday. The conditions are perfect: beautiful weather and exceptional water flows. Pictured above is our guide Scooter Carling and his raft of eager paddlers having the time of their lives dropping into Fender Bender Rapid. They were having as much fun as you could possibly fit into one day.

Here are a couple more shots taken of the proud crew as they exited the rapid:

The conditions for Class Five adventures on the Thunder Run and the Forks of the Kern could not be better. The melting 2010 snow pack will allow us to run many more of these trips over the next few weeks. We currently have six spaces available for our Thunder Run departing tomorrow morning at 8:30am. If you’d like to join us on one of these great trips, give our office a call at 1-800-323-4234 and we’ll have you paddling before you know it.

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