Please note: This post was written by Luther Stephens and was imported from our former blog platform. It has been kept for archival purposes.

Guests on our Lower Kern overnight trips will be treated to a spectacular show when gazing at the stars overhead over the next couple of weeks. The Perseid Meteor Showers will be at their peak this evening and will offer stargazers a brilliant light show all through the night. The shooting stars are expected to light up the night sky once or twice a minute throughout the evening.

Although the peak is expected this evening, above average shooting star activity can be expected throughout the month of August. If you can’t make it up to the river where the conditions are ideal, take a moment to step out tonight wherever you are and see if you can catch a glimpse of this event.

Better yet, join us for a Two Day trip on the Lower Kern this month and accent an outstanding river trip with one of Mother Natures most spectacular night sky shows.

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