Here he comes: 2016 El Niño and what that means for the Kern rafting season.

Our 2016 Kern rafting season is looking to be a knock-out if the El Niño forecasts come through. Here’s what it will mean for Southern California rafting.

1. Our season will open early, in mid to late April. From opening day through late May / early June rafting trips will be offered on the Upper Kern, with the majority being our popular class III and IV full day rafting trip.

2. Lower Kern rafting trips will kick off the moment raftable flows are released from Lake Isabella. Historically, this happens in late May. Our famous, 20 mile long, two-day rafting trip will begin immediately at this time.

3. The nationally acclaimed, multiday, class-V Forks of the Kern trips are being carefully scheduled to ensure we hit the best flows. Send us a message to be added to our interest list to get more information.

We encourage you to plan your Kern river trip early – an El Niño will bring a heightened interest in Southern California river rafting, and many of our trips will book well in advance. Reservations can be made online here, or you can call our office at 1-760-376-3370.

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