During the off season, some of our guides head back to school, others work at ski resorts, some move to the beach, and a few are lucky enough to keep paddling. Here’s a look at the water they’ve been on this year.

huacas falls on the Pacuare River
Huacas Falls on the Pacuare River

Grand Canyon, Colorado River
A lot of KRO guides ended up on a Grand Canyon trip this fall. Almost a dozen in fact. Winning a Grand Canyon permit is the super lotto of river permits, yet somehow our staff has managed to win one every single year since 2017 and one year we snagged two. The trick to winning? Lots of staff submitting applications, and having flexible schedules allowing them to apply for last-minute cancellations. (Five of the seven wins have been on follow-up lotteries with about a month of notice.)

Tieton River, Washington
This short, steep, and fun section of river only releases in the fall, so when the water turns on it acts as a river guide magnet. Both Colton and Adam made the trek and enjoyed the river and the local river community.

Channel Islands, California
A different kind of paddling but a terrific area of water, both Byron and Dan circumnavigated the islands on this long kayak trip.

Pacuare River, Costa Rica
The Pacuare River reminds me quite a bit of the Lower Kern at 3,000 CFS so I guess it’s no surprise I keep making the trip down there. There’s more to Pacuare river rafting than just whitewater though, with the lush rainforest and waterfalls galore, it’s a good place to spend the winter.

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