Summary: Close to town and easy to do.
Link to trailhead: Google Map link.
Length: 12 miles
Difficulty: Class II.
Matt’s Rating: Good

What makes Whiskey Flat Trail so appealing is it’s just a few minutes away from Kernville and it’s one of the only flat trails in the area. Many trails in the Kern River valley feature lots of exhausting uphills and this is one of the few that doesn’t have any and will carry you through interesting scenery. Ten minutes from the trailhead you’ll encounter a small footbridge over a bridge and then the river jogs in and out along the course for the rest of the route.

The trail is 12 miles long, but there’s no need to go all the way on this out and back. Go as far as you want, eat a sandwich and turn around. (Sandwich optional.)

As you make your way upriver along the Upper Kern, you’ll come across Riverkern (a small town on the other side of the river) and even some Class V rapids. If you do go all the way, you’ll eventually make it to Fairview Bridge, where on the other side is the famous McNally’s restaurant and their ice cold lemonade and famous burger stand. Enjoy, you earned it.

Want to read more? The All Trails website has some good comments about the trail.

View of a rapid on the Upper Kern river from the Whiskey Flat Trail
Views of Tequila Chute rapid on the Upper Kern river from the Whiskey Flat Trail.

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