2021 Kern River Hotsprings Update

Last updated 3/3/21

Last season in 2020 the two Kern River hot springs listed below saw overuse which resulted in excessive trash, parking issues, and in general, undesirable conditions. There will be a public meeting for comments on March 10 held by the US Forest Service. To register for the event, please do so no later than March 9 by emailing SM.FS.SequoiaNF@usda.gov

To mitigate the use we had updated this page alerting the public that they were closed, which in a sense they were, as the conditions were so poor that you would not want to go there. We feel that the hotsprings should be available to the public but overcrowding, trash, and in general, lawlessness need to be addressed for them to stay open.

-Matt Volpert

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“Going to the woods is going home, for I suppose we came from the woods originally.” – John Muir

So many of us equate  the outdoors with exercise, adventure, wild times, and being active. It’s where we go to run free. But, how often do we miss the chance to pause, rest, and reflect while we’re out there?  Hot springs offer an excuse to just sit and be. The Kern River corridor is dotted with a few of these steaming opportunities to relax . Here are two gems to help you restore yourself along the Lower Kern River.

Kern River Hot Springs: Miracle

Named for the “miraculous” effect the warm waters have on visitors, Miracle Hot Springs has been a fixture in Kern River History for the last 120 years. Miracle Hot Springs is open to the public for day use only. To get to the hot springs, turn on to Borel Road from Highway 178. Turn right onto the old Kern Canyon Road. Go approximately three miles and turn right into Hobo Campground. Miracle Hot Springs is a day use area, but visitors can stay at Hobo Campground.

Kern River Hot Springs: Remington

Two miles downstream from Miracle Hot Springs is Remington Hot Springs. A dirt parking lot is located on the river side of Kern Canyon Road and 1/4 mile trail leads downhill from the parking lot to the hot springs. Remington is popular among locals and campers will sometimes spend the night in the parking lot.

Whether it’s a summer night with friends, a winter warm-up with someone special, or you are wandering solo, bookmark this post for your future adventures to the Kern River and Sequoia National Forest.

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