Click here to go directly to the Kern River camping availability tool.

Despite there being tons of camping options, finding a campground on the Kern River can be challenging. It’s easy to get overwhelmed because there are nearly 20 different campground options, and once you find one you like, odds are it will be sold out. (Kern River camping is more popular than rafting in terms of number of people.) What’s frustrating about this process is you have to enter your camping dates for every single campground until you find one that has availability. And that takes a long time.

Not anymore. Over quarantine, one of our river guides, Andrew Schwartz, learned how to code and he built a campground checker tool. All you have to is enter your camping dates and click submit. The page will refresh and then it will then return all available USFS campgrounds. It’s fast and easy. Keep in mind that it is unable to check the status of privately owned campgrounds, but that feature is coming down the road.

You can use the tool here or watch the screen share below to see it in action.

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