We never guarantee them but if the river flows are right and we’re ahead of schedule, we’ll squeeze in a stop at a jump rock. And these Kern river jump rocks are a hit. Not too high, but nothing to scoff at either, these launch pads are the afternoon cherry to your rafting sundae. We listed our two favorite Lower Kern jumps below.

Sandy Flat Jump Rock

Most commonly found on our Class II / III Half Day Lower Kern, the Sandy Flat jump rock is towards the end of a long meandering pool. This stop is right before our final Class III rapid and takeout, so no matter what, you’re getting back on the shuttle bus wet.

This jump rock is found on:

Horseshoe Jump Rock

As you finish one of the biggest Class IV rapids on the Lower Kern, Horeshoe Falls, your guide points the raft river left and heads into a small eddy. It seems like a regular end-of-rapid regrouping, but it’s not. You’re at the famous Horseshoe Jump Rock! Maybe it’s not famous, but it’s definitely a regular on our Two Day Lower Kern rafting trips. Have fun on the jump and enjoy watching rafts finish the rapid just upstream.

This jump rock is found on:

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