Below is an email sent to our Forks of the Kern interest list. Forks updates are first sent there and then later, posted on our website. To learn more about the interest list, click here.

Since our last email, the snowpack has continued to grow, and the Kern drainage topped out at an incredible 429% of normal. This means we have more than four winters’ worth of snow just now beginning to melt and come barreling down the Kern River canyon.

For the Forks, the water will be too high until sometime in August, and we might have high enough flows extending into September. We’re still too early to provide exact dates, but we’re working on narrowing it down.

Our biggest concern at the moment is the road condition. The road we use to access the Forks of the Kern has sustained significant damage, and we’ve received various reports on its status. Some say it’s impassable and will require a lengthy repair, while others claim it’s not as bad and could open soon. We will have more accurate information once the snow melts further and a road crew can assess the situation.

Our next email update is scheduled for July 1. However, you may receive an email earlier if the water levels decrease sooner than expected or if the road conditions are determined to be unrepairable.

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  1. Hi there…i’d love to get on your email list. I’m taking my boys here for camping, tubing and the possible waterfall hike Mid-July…They are 7 and 10. Would you let me know if you don’t recommend certain adventures at this age? They are seasoned campers and we always make it a point to pick up trash along the way =)

    Warmly, Chelsea

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