2021 Kern River Camping: What’s open and closed right now

Sequoia National Forest has issued a number of different Kern river camping closures due to COVID (public safety) and seasonal availability. This list will be updated as Kern River campgrounds come back online or as new closures go into effect. Keep in mind, that many, if not all, privately-owned campgrounds remain open and those are listed here. 

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Upper Kern Status Notes
Mountain and River OPEN Privately owned
Rivernook OPEN Privately owned
Kern River Sequoia RV Resort OPEN Privately owned
Frandy Park OPEN Privately owned
Camp Kernville OPEN Privately owned
Brush Creek Campground OPEN
Limestone Campground OPEN Closes for the season on October 30, 2021
Fairview OPEN
Calkin’s Flat OPEN
Chamise Flat OPEN
Ant Canyon OPEN
Gold Ledge OPEN
Upper Springhill OPEN
Lower Springhill OPEN
Corral Creek OPEN
Hospital Flat OPEN
Chico Flat CLOSED
Thunderbird OPEN
Camp Three OPEN Closed for the season on November 27
Halfway Campground OPEN
Headquarters OPEN
Camps around Lake Isabella Status Notes
KOA Lake Isabella OPEN Privately Owned
Tillie Creek OPEN
Camp Nine CLOSED
Paradise Cove CLOSED
Hungry Gulch CLOSED
French Gulch
Pioneer Point
Lower Kern Status Notes
Keysville CLOSED
Black Gulch CLOSED
Sandy Flat OPEN