Last year our what are the guides up to over quarantine post was pretty popular. Even in the absence of the shelter in place order, we’re hoping to make that an annual post. With COVID effectively shutting down all international travel, this winter has been an unusual one for our staff as nearly all remained in the US. Here’s what some of them have been up to.

Started a hot sauce company – Augie and Byron

Caldera launched in the latter part of January after many trials and guide taste testing. It has been a popular hit with their initial bottle run selling out very quickly. They are now in a dozen stores in California and judging by their Instagram, expanding by the week. They both plan on guiding for KRO this summer as well, and I’m sure their hot sauce will be a staple

Ramping up to launch his bicycle tour company – Daniel

With his first offseason stateside in many years, Daniel is gearing up to launch his California based bicycle tour company later this spring. To say he is well equipped for this endeavor is an understatement as he has now completed many big rides including Cairo to Capetown (2019), Santa Barbara to Columbia, (2018), Canada to Mexico Highway One (2020), Canada to Mexico Continental Divide (2020), and of course, Guidehouse to KRO Warehouse (2018, 2019 and 2020). He has also committed to working weekends for KRO, which we absolutely plan on holding him too 🙂

Won a Grand Canyon permit, dropped everything, and went – Jackson

In the guiding world, winning a Grand Canyon rafting permit is the equivalent of getting into Harvard or UCSB. On a whim, Jackson applied in a follow-up lottery, won it, and then it clicked that this longer than three week trip was set to push off within the month. He was able to get everything organized and had a very successful trip.

Finished his coding project, got picked up by a software company – Andrew Schwartz

We all saw this coming, but when Andrew Schwartz taught himself Python and then coded a well thought out scheduling web app for KRO, we figured he would get picked up by a tech company sooner rather than later. While we’re bummed it happened, we’re stoked that he was able to negotiate July off to come and guide for us.

Racked up another 4.0 – Megan Lane

It’s now getting monotonous to report the same thing, but Megan Lane headed back to Vancouver and used the quarantine time to once again knock out a 4.0 last semester. We asked if she would be coming back this summer and her response was a threat to start a competing rafting company next door, so we think that means yes in some capacity.

Got a puppy and started a marketing agency – Emma Lane

The Lane sisters are stacking up the wins here. After graduating from college last Spring, Emma jumped into dog-mom life with Tillie, a black lab mixed with sneaky-next-door-neighbor-dog. In addition to that she kicked off post-college life by starting her own marketing agency and she’s picked up a number of clients already and is onboarding a few more in the coming months. She’s committed to helping out with our photo department this summer and we’re looking forward to her third season with us.

Got into wine and then really got into skiing – Milly and Kyla

After the season I asked Milly what her fall and winter plans were as she had just graduated college the spring prior. “I’m going to do the wine harvest and then move to Montana.” Not your typical answer and from the photos it sure looks like fun. Her and Kyla ended up moving to Napa for the fall and after the harvest, they then migrated to Montana and have been skiing practically non-stop.

A different kind of harvest, but also skiing – Ol’ Pat

Pat is from Iowa and what sounds like a gag from a Seinfeld episode, has a connection to a beet farm where he drives a semi-truck around the clock for two weeks straight during the beet harvest. I don’t really understand it, but I’m pretty sure that’s what I heard when he called me a few months back. Since then he’s been working as an EMT at a ski resort in Montana.

Temporarily avoiding grad school – Devon, Sven, Adam

Since no one was allowed to travel, skiing has clearly won out as the preferred alternate offseason activity. Devon, Sven, Adam, and Jaeger moved together to Steamboat Springs and are on track for the envious 100 day plus ski season.

Bought a bus, drove to Mexico to surf and avoid people, haven’t heard from him since – Hector

See title.

Rafted Ruby-Horsethief Canyon, got a puppy, started a new auto biz – Kelley, Matt Adkisson, and Fin

The Appkison family welcomed a rambunctious Golden Retriever puppy into their lives named Huck (get it?) had a fun float down Ruby-Horsethief Canyon, and Matt fired up his mobile oil change service business that he’s been thinking about for a while. The business is booming, the puppy is now huge and they’re ready for another raft trip.

Completed the Moab 240, grew his family – Adam Pedicini

The Moab 240 is a two hundred and forty point three mile (spelled out for emphasis) race that takes you through Utah. Is it a bike race? No. Motorcycle race? No. You run it. 240.3 mile race that you run. Adam casually finished that and then he and Jayne welcomed a new baby girl into their family.

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  1. I love these stories, Matt. And what do you do off season? Tell Adkisson that by next year I want you writing about his new salsa business. Hope it’s a great season for all of you.

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